Our story

Our Story

From Fiber Freaks…
In 2014, Fiber Freaks became one of the first brands to offer a wicking material specially designed for vaping. Made from pure cellulose fibers, it became the second worldwide wicking material brand, mostly in Europe and Asia. In 2015, Fiber Freaks introduced the first blend of cellulose fibers and cotton, extending its line up to 7 different products in order to cover all the different types of taste, vape styles and gears.Based on a startup business model, Fiber Freaks faced a major struggle that led to its end in 2017. Despite of having developed a complex technology, they were unable to achieve a sustainable industrial transfer.

Mahood, creator of the company, withdrew from the vape business to focus on his family and enjoy vaping as a hobby again. Still passionate about wicking materials, he quickly started to rethink the whole process, obsessed with a clear focus: creating a wick that would cover all the different vape styles and gears without reducing the effectiveness of some particular aspects.

After endless talks and research with the Research and Development engineer he was working with at the time of Fiber Freaks, they decided to create the Spinum company with an idea in mind: building all together their own Research Center and production factory to develop products for the vaping industry.

To Fiber n’Cotton
Enthusiastic about coming back in the vape world, Mahood started to get in touch with the different actors he was friend with to talk about the project. Xavier from Phileas Cloud Pro showed a great interest and they decided to gather their strength to create a new brand of wicking material.Xavier had proven his great capacity to discover and distribute the best high-end vape gears. In the vape business since 2011, he is the creator of MyFree-Cig, that became Phileas Cloud then MFC Distribution that became Phileas Cloud Pro.

Xavier created Fiber n’Cotton and Mahood Gufu took charge of the design of the product and the brand.