Our product

Our product

Fiber n’Cotton wick was elaborated with a clear focus: to create a wick that would cover all the different vape styles and gears without reducing the effectiveness of some particular aspects. A perfect alchemy of fibers selection, product design, chemistry and mechanical engineering. Therefor our wicking material is a finely tuned blend of purified cotton and cellulose fibers, both chosen for their unique attributes.

Our cotton is picked by hand to preserve the quality of the fibers. The purification process is perfectly balanced to ensure no break-in taste and a great absorption capacity.

Our cellulose fibers are the purest ones available. Specially designed for a specific sector of the food industry, they combine high capillary action, completely neutral taste and health safety at all temperatures.

Finally, our mechanical process was adjusted to produce a perfect density and balanced bond and alignment.

2019 – It has been a year since the introduction of Fiber n’Cotton at the Vapexpo 2018. And if this release has been successful, it is to you that we owe this. We therefore wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and your unfailing support to promote our French-made fibre. Our unique blend of purified cotton fibre and cellulose fibre has found its audience. Users appreciate its rendering of rich and balanced flavour and its accurate restitution of the most complex e-liquids. 

However – and as we promised at the beginning of the adventure – we never stop working to offer a better experience to vapers. With feedback from the community, evolution of the equipment and our various tests, we have been working on developing a new version over the past few months. Today we are very proud to present this improved recipe that makes the most of our unique blend of fibre and cotton. 


How does this impact our vaping experience ?

The flavor
Like music, flavor is a composition. Cotton brings a distinctive roundness to e-liquids and goes deep in their rich bass notes while cellulose enhance the high ones.

The performances
With a high absorption capacity, our wick is pleasant to use: drip your favorite e-liquid and it will be instantly absorbed. You will almost get rid of this annoying drop falling of your wick on the side of your dripper, and your tank will be ready to use as soon as you close it. The high capillary action will greatly improve your squonking experience, making it faster to load and reload.

We selected thick fibers to hold more e-liquid and produce a dense vapor. And the high capillary action of the cellulose will improve your power vaping pleasure on both drippers and tanks.

Last but not least, because the cellulose fibers are more resistant to high temperatures, your wick will last longer before affecting your flavor.

A practical form factor
The form factor of our wick will help you on many ways. As we didn’t want to break your habits coming from the standards of most wicking material brands, we kept it this way, adding our own features.

By using different fiber sizes, we balanced bond and alignment to help you pick the right amount of wick while keeping it nicely structured. And the long section fibers will facilitate the insertion into the coil, creating no lump at the entry of the coil when you pull your wick.

Health safety
We wanted to bring you the best wick we could design, but health safety was fundamental in all the choices we made. Our wick has no traces of pesticides, our purification process has no impact on the final product, our cellulose fibers are from the highest grade available, and our bags and facilities follow strict food grade standards.

What are the improvements of Fiber n’Cotton v2 ?

Better absorption
We know this is a major criterion for the development of a fibre. We have resolutely focused our efforts on this central point. This new recipe therefore offers faster absorption but also better fluid retention. Result: less risk of dry hit and amplified flavours. Also note that these enhancements bring increased RTA and RDTA performance – which users will appreciate.

Longer life
The change frequency of the cotton in the assembly is another very important criterion. We have taken up the challenge by proposing a new, more resistant version. Depending on the liquid, the assembly and the power used, we estimate between 1 and 3 days longer life for your assembly.